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11 Aug 2018

High Alps walk across the valley from home in Les Avants … ✨☀️ Rochers-de-Naye at 2’042m 🏔 Vast sky, intense high-altitude diamond light 💎 meditation in breath, movement, release … heart surging, empty mind.

Gravitas of primeval stone and terra firma, whispering a welcome silence, ushering in the New Moon - partial solar eclipse … ♌️🌘 yet more coaxing to disengage from the cacophony and past stories, to hush, tune in to Heart Center, to Light-infused Soul-Song 🌟 …

for wings, for expansion, for remembrance... to purify & refine Intentions ✨💫 yes, the stones have stories 👂🙏 . 🌞🌲 With love 💕 from eiLight


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