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Buffet of SERVICES

Vibratory exploration & aids, attuning to your ESSENCE and your NEEDS...

DISCOVER the KEYS to understand your Queries, your Quest, your Quirks, your Quixotic Quickenings ... your Quivering Quietude!

Yes ... all of it... to take you home, to Center, to set you free on YOUR path.

RECEIVE pearls of timeless, liberating wisdom from the rich depths of our mystic heritages along with a savvy mix of contemporary innovation ...

EXPERIENCE & FEEL true grace & deep serenity; invigorating input and flashes of insight & recognition; juicy fullness in your body, mind and soul ... and a nourishing, comforting felt-sense of recalibration.

Flow, Oracle, Sound, Prana -

a BLEND of body-wisdom with analytical & intuitive*multi-dimensional tools.

Simple or In-Depth

Individual or Group

In person or Zoom-Skype.

Modes & process adapted to YOUR needs, priced accordingly.

Serving our awakening AWARENESS

for over 40 years

learn more about these remarkable aids & instruments:
(mix of Fr and Eng / in progress - en cours)

espace eiLight, new & old, a few images
espace eiLight sonore
Oracle clues
at the service of our awakening
wisdom whispers ... from the Pacific
Equinox, Les Avants
à la radio
espace eiLight au chalet, Les Avants
Jaman Rainbow
Yoga & Sound / Les Avants
🌊✨Toning with the Pacific waters
stage yoga & rituel, Les Avants
toute la magie de son
sound alchemy
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