Silence the mind and Essence is revealed. Photo-graphy or Light-writing as an interpretive tool, articulating the archetypal grace and mystery all around us, and the natural world as a mirror of our alchemical process. Look closely, feel deeply, let her images wash over you, and you will enter a divinatory stream.

Her macro-photos, unveiling entire worlds from a tiny detail, elicit something you can’t explain, but which you grasp intuitively ... Troubling, illuminating, tempting, unfathomable ... all at once.

Eileen grew up in the USA but after years of nomadic explorations she ended up in French-speaking Switzerland where she lives and works in the Alps.

Her intuitive photographic art is informed by her long years of travels and studies exploring our world’s mystical heritage, the symbolic & oracular languages, and by her life as a yogini in the powerful, wild nature of the Alps and the luminous magic of the Hawaiian islands.

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