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EQUINOX! 🌟and twice a year at Spring & Fall Equinox, the Sun rises exactly behind the majestic Dent de Jaman, as seen from our chalet 😲 A Light show of unparalleled beauty, grace & inspiration💓Love and appreciate it SOOO much! (Untouched, these pics, BTW😊)

This Aries Full Moon happening now too this year, conjunct Chiron, and the Full Moon axe squaring Saturn, calls for commitment and bringing awareness to our Wounded Healer within, the Chironic pain or disappointment with our imperfection, in order to share with others the compassion and wisdom of what we’ve learned, and in order to RELEASE that karmic pain, suffering and attachment, so as to ultimately integrate Light & physical bodies.

Fall Equinox of 2018 with an alluring Full Moon ... setting the season off with a call to walk the tightrope.

Fall Equinox, first day of Fall, falling into a new season, falling in love, falling into fallen leaves & mist, in-between streams of memories, past & future ...

We enter into Libra the scales, the balance, integration of polarities.

Equinox is suspension, a turning, a fleeting moment of perfect balance. Dusk steals in ...Day forces are equal to the night forces. Yin - Yang / Moon - Sun / Venus - Mars / Night - Day

Polarity is implied ... tension, strain, or conflict may manifest, but harmony & integration are always calling, so stay gracefully aware.

As autumn advances, days will decline, nights will lengthen, asking us to go within, to find our inner Truth and manifest it with integrity & balance.

High summer exhilaration & forever-day is behind us ... we pause, we linger, we drift, we glance behind, we ponder and weigh ... and we come to Now, our true moment of power.

this twilight season, of reflexion and contemplation, when memories flow with the wind. Suspended in time, we sway gently with the Balance.

Make a wish ...may you make your fall dreams come true 🌝

Sending enLightening wishes to all for this new turning, the sunset phase of our annual cycle 💖🌔💫


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